At R&A Motorsports, we pride ourselves on our attention to detail, expert knowledge, and pure passion for Mustangs. Whether you need concours restoration, a nice vehicle for daily driving, or just a car you can get back on the road, we can help you. As a result, you get just what you need.

Good communication

We understand how important your car is to you. Therefore we provide weekly detailed invoices. In addition, we provide pictures and video as the work happens, so you can see just how your restoration is progressing.  As a result, our clients feel like they are here: without the dust and the noise! A knowledgeable staff member is always here to answer any questions that you might have.

1966 Shelby GT350H: This is a restoration Jeff did back in 1985. Here it is 27 years later looking great.









The Difference Is In The Details

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